Friday, May 21, 2010

Life in General

Again I must apologize for having not written in WAY too long. Life gets away from you at times (especially being an army wife with two kiddos!)

Where to start...

Matt's parents drove to Texas and surprised us. Well, I knew about 24 hours before, but no one else did. :) Matt got a phone call from Andrea, his mom, and she sounded concerned so he was startled awake and then she told him she was at the front door and she couldn't get in! He was so shocked and the look on his face was priceless. They stayed for about ten days and we mostly hung around the house playing with kids. Andrea and I both love Target, so we had to make that trip. Matt was working crazy long hours (as is typical right now) so he missed the trip to the Waco Park Zoo. Grace loved the animals and the little playground in the "Asian Jungle". I didn't bring my camera, my Father-in-Law has all of the pictures. I forgot to download them while they were here. Sorry! We crafted, read books, played with the dog, and just enjoyed one another's company. So great to have them come visit.

Shortly after they returned home, our little dog got sick. Wyatt got Parvo and went downhill fast. By the time he showed symptoms and we got to the vet, there really wasn't any chance for him. I tried to offer at home care for him for three days, all the while watching him slowly slip away. He was such a sweet little guy and our family will really miss him. Especially his BFF, Grace. They ran all over the backyard and dug in the garden... It was pretty traumatic for Matt and I to have our little Wyatt gone so suddenly. Matt wants another dog, I'm not so sure.

Our family has been sick a lot lately as well. We all had a cough which kept most of us up at night. Matt got sick first and struggled for a few weeks before Ella and I joined him in the cough fest 2010. Poor Ella would cough so hard she would wake up gagging and screaming three or four times a night. Eventually her doc came around and gave her antibiotics. She's healthy now, but I was sure worried there for a while. I was the last to recover, and I'm happy to say we are all healthy again!

Breaking news! Ella is crawling! She started at about 9 months and has not slowed down one bit. She is always going. Her favorite places to play are her big sister's room, for obvious reasons, and the bathroom. She likes to hear her voice echo, so when it's bathtime she squeaks and giggles. She loves water! She splashes and plays. The girls love to take baths together.

Grace is growing like a weed. One day she was firmly in a size 5 shoe and the following week she barely fits in her size 6's! Crazy! She can wear all of her size 2T clothes without them looking baggy, which is a relief since she'll be 3 in August! Maybe they'll end up like me and my sisters. They were both taller than me while in grade school. Oh well!

Grace loves to take center stage. She stands up on the fireplace hearth and sings as loud as she can. Her songs usually consist of "I love you....Heavenly Father...I love you someday!" Her lyrics crack me up! They bring a smile to my face, and who wouldn't? She has a smile and personality that can light up any room. Everywhere we go, people are drawn to her. It's those big blue eyes and bright smile. Oh, and the pigtails, and her little shoulder shrug, oh....and .... you get the drill. She's too cute for her own good!

I have been receiving "messages" from Grace lately. She has a mini notebook that she carries around and draws on with a tiny yellow crayon. Then she folds them up, licking her finger in between each fold (who knows where she learned that?) and then folds them as small as she can. When she gives them to me, she smiles and looks at me saying, "Here's a message for you." So quirky and sweet. Gotta love that kid of mine!

Matt just completed what is called a "Spur Ride." It is two days of pure torture! He had to take a PT (Phys. Train.) test and qualify with a high score and then they started at 4 am and made them do outrageous things while carrying all of their equipment, and often times carry other soldiers as well. They did blindfolded gun assembly, grenade and tank firing ranges, they had a simulated battle segment where they tended to the wounded, they had two CRAZY Ruck (Sp?) marches, all this and more! It ended the following day at 1 pm when he received his silver spurs. In 1 CAV they receive their gold spurs for deploying. So now he has BOTH! Thank goodness, because I saw his wounds this last week and I don't ever want to see him go through that again! Poor guy, he slept a ton and soaked up countless applications of Bag Balm and Neosporin. So proud of my Matty! There are pics on Facebook under Pictures of Me.

Our garden is growing! More pics to come on that!

As for me, I'm just crazy busy all of the time. My business is booming and I have two beautiful girls that I get to spend quality time with every day. We read, color, sing, dance, and all the while have fun. It is quite stressful at times, but I know the end goal and I'm determined to get there! We are about the finish the Book of Mormon with Grace and it has been such a blessing to read it with her. We are all learning from that time together.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Won't Aunt Lacey be so proud of me!

I'm finally updating my bloggy, won't Aunt Lacey be so proud of me! :) Thanks for giving me a kick in the pants for never writing!

LOTS has happened but it would take weeks to get it all written on here. So I will just write about the recent things.

Daddy has been home for THREE WHOLE MONTHS already and I can't even believe it. I swear I blinked and it is March already! Ahh!

Matt's unit put a marriage retreat together for all of the returning soldiers. We went to Great Wolf Lodge near Fort Worth, TX and the hotel was AMAZING! Everything was interactive and there were so many things for kids of all ages. Grace loved the story time, the arcade, the water! It has the world's largest indoor waterpark! No joke! Daddy took her in the wave pool, down pint sized waterslides and she had the time of her life. I think this summer she will live in a bathing suit, just like her Auntie Mistie did when she was a youngen. I wish I had taken more pictures, but the water is an enemy to my DSLR camera. I didn't want to take the risk. But we had a great time and it was most definitely a retreat!

Grace, Matt and I were all sick a few weeks ago...and it lasted for what seemed like forever. Then we all got healthy and Grace got Strep! Poor thing, she was fine one minute and then had a temp of 102 the next. We had her in the doctor's office then the ER then the docs office again. She was so sad and tired and mopey. I have never seen her that sick before. She threw up for the first time in her life (beside the reflux of her babyhood). Her fever was crazy! When we took her to the ER, they gave her more ibuprofen, tylenol, popsicles, stripped her to her diaper and it stayed at 103.9 for hours! Talk about a scare. Then Tuesday of this week we took her to doc again because she wasn't drinking, eating and she was sleeping about 2/3 of the day. She wouldn't talk, only mumble...definitely not a happy Gracie girl. They tried to give her an IV, but the nurse accidentally pulled it out just as it was finally in. (It took 20 minutes to get in and 1 sec to fall out!) She was so traumatized that she drank two full cups of water within minutes of it all being over. They gave her a book of stickers, a stuffed bear, and SIX suckers because they felt so bad for her.

She is now 100% better!

We started our own little indoor garden and Grace has her own little watering can to help tend to it. Matt put in some garden boxes in our backyard so we grow a great garden this year. I am so excited! Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, pumpkins, brocolli, beans, onions, you name it!

I bought the girls Easter dresses from Gymboree and they have got the be the cutest things I have EVER seen! Tulips! Matt even thought they were pretty cute so I splurged and got them matching everything from hairbows to and dresses! Then I saw the little outfit for Ella Bella that was so cute I just about died! See pictures below:

When I put Grace in her dress she spun around and said, "I'm a princess girl!" So funny. She refused to take it off for her nap, but I insisted.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

He's HOME!!!

To see pictures of our reunion go to my facebook page and scroll down until you see Kacy Bowe's entry with all of the pictures! She did an amazing job!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Iraq NO MORE!!

Matt will be home from Iraq tomorrow at 9:15 am!!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


It has been nearly a month and I haven't posted anything! So much has happened. Matt's parents came a few days after I had Ella and then a few days after Matt arrived home for R & R. We packed up and went to a fun little tourist town named Fredricksburg and stayed in a rustic bed and breakfast. We played horseshoes and dominoes and let Grace stay up WAY too late! It was a lot of fun..stray cats and donkeys were also guests at the inn. (No joke!) Matt blessed Ella on Fast Sunday and we took some new family pictures with Ella.

Matt and his dad did some projects to clean up the outdoors and organize the house and we celebrated Grace's birthday a bit early so Grams and Gramps could watch her open their presents. She was given a two week long birthday this year! Crazy, but she had a lot of fun. Matt took her on an official Daddy-Daughter date to lunch and WalMart to pick out some birthday presents. She came home loaded with sugar, chicken nuggets and toys! He bought her a cool swimming pool, nail polish, books and clothes.

We had a lot of great family time while Matt was home and Grace's imagination grew about a million times over. (Daddy is the imaginative/creative play parent!) She now enjoys being chased by the "Monster", putting on imaginary make-up (sound effects and all!) and she misses her daddy like crazy all over again. Can't say I blame her. They played in the sprinklers (see below) and built an art table together. Daddy is just so much more fun!

Matt left and my mom came again. We didn't do house projects this time...instead we made baby announcements and played with the kiddos. We watched movies and had a lot of great conversation. A great time for all. Grace misses Grandma now, too.

Lots of we're about to enter the last three months without Matty and I am trying my best not to countdown and make it seem longer. I will try to post more often, but I am not going to make promises...I don't need another item on my weekly "To Do" list right now! :)